Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting

Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting Precision Flow’s Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting is designed to withstand the test of time in the field and reduce operational costs by virtue of its long lifespan and the quality of its make. All Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings come with a warranty to ensure you’ll receive the full lifespan of this […]

Orifice Plates

Orifice Plates Our orifice plates are used in conjunction with our single chamber, dual chamber, Orifice Flange Unions, ROTOBOSS, Restriction Flange Unions, and Restriction Multiplate spool products to measure flow rate, reduce pressure, or restrict flow. The orifice plate creates a restriction causing a differential pressure from high (upstream) to low (downstream) which generates flow […]

Meter Tubes

Meter Tubes Precision Flow Meter Tubes are built to each client’s unique needs. We offer support throughout all phases of the Meter Tube’s life with services like manufacturing, maintenance, repairs, engineering and design, and more. We pride ourselves on our expertise and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that every assembly is built to the highest standard. […]